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If your a players that’s new to this area and want to join a team, please leave your information here. Hopefully someone will see your post and give you a call. You can also friend us on Facebook on our group page; “Santa Fe Softball Association”. Or just show up at the fields and find a team needing players. The field is located at 202 Caja Del Rio, MRC Softball Fields next to the golf course.

4 thoughts on “Player Pick Up Post

  1. New to area, 52 yr old male looking for men’s or coed rec league. Preferably in-field positions with most time played as a middle infielder. If interested, 252-412-1002. Brian

  2. Hi my name is John Sanchez! I’m looking for some at 5 or 6 more guy’s for my softball for this year’s 2019 softball League anybody interested in Joining my team feel free to call me or text at (505)659-3570

  3. Hi my name is John Sanchez! I’m looking for some player’s for Men’s Division and I need at least 6 to 7 more guys fir my softball team call or text at (505)659-3570 k thx

  4. Hey I’m Joe, if anybody needs a body to fill in let me know. I travel a lot for work but love to pick up the glove and play when I’m home. 4023505991

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