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If your a players that’s new to this area and want to join a team, please leave your information here. Hopefully someone will see your post and give you a call. You can also friend us on Facebook on our group page; “Santa Fe Softball Association”. Or just show up at the fields and find a team needing players. The field is located at 202 Caja Del Rio, MRC Softball Fields next to the golf course.

15 thoughts on “Player Pick Up Post

  1. New to area, 52 yr old male looking for men’s or coed rec league. Preferably in-field positions with most time played as a middle infielder. If interested, 252-412-1002. Brian

  2. Hi my name is John Sanchez! I’m looking for some at 5 or 6 more guy’s for my softball for this year’s 2019 softball League anybody interested in Joining my team feel free to call me or text at (505)659-3570

    1. Are you still looking for additional players? I am looking to join a team that needs a first or second baseman. Could also pitch if needed.

  3. Hi my name is John Sanchez! I’m looking for some player’s for Men’s Division and I need at least 6 to 7 more guys fir my softball team call or text at (505)659-3570 k thx

  4. Hey I’m Joe, if anybody needs a body to fill in let me know. I travel a lot for work but love to pick up the glove and play when I’m home. 4023505991

  5. Hi my name is Kelsey and I am new to the area, looking for a coed or whatever team to play on. I’m fine with subbing or tournaments when I’m available, and have played men’s, women’s, and coed slow pitch, as well as years of fast pitch .

  6. Hey! Never played adult league, but years of fast pitch softball up till senior year of high school. It would be fun to play and meet people. Let me know if any team needs a new player!

  7. Haven’t lived in New Mexico in six years just move back played for several softball teams in Phoenix Ohio and Vegas Nevada. Looking to join any team And meet some ppl in the area.

  8. Hi! I’m new to the area. I’ve played my entire life, but have not found a team since I left my home state. I’m a versatile player, in, out, pitching. Enjoy playing for fun and camaraderie!

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